Champagne Collet Culinary Prize Book 7th Edition

Champagne Collet Culinary Prize Book 7th Edition

Champagne Collet Culinary Prize Book 7th Edition 1267 1900 Champagne Collet

The 7th edition of the Champagne Collet ‘Prix du Livre de Chef’ (prize for the best book by a chef) kicked off in the Gaggenau Showroon on Monday 1 July. The three-Michelin-star chef, Gilles Goujon, from the Auberge du Vieux Puits Gilles Goujon in Fontjoncouse had the honour of opening this new season. His book, ‘Gilles Goujon à Fontjoncouse… quelques part en Corbières’, published by Editions Glénat Livres, presents around 50 recipes originating from Occitania. As well as being contemporary and local, Goujon’s cuisine remains a very personal affair.  At his dinner, the chef prepared a tribute dish to his mentor, the chef Roger Vergé. The dish, called the ‘Poupeton’ (flower of zucchini cristal stuffed with a lobster sorbet, citrus marinade) was served with our Champagne Collet Esprit Couture. Gilles Goujon also prepared one of his signature dishes, ‘rotten’ Carrus hen’s egg with black truffle on a purée of mushrooms, served with a warm brioche and a liquid ‘cappuccino of mushrooms’.

A big thank you to the Gaggenau Showroom for hosting us and to Bragard, our partner.

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