Esprit Couture 2012 Premier Cru

Esprit Couture

  • 75cl

The hand-made prestige cuvée of Maison Collet is a sparkling interpretation of Haute Couture.

A rare assemblage of 11 Premier and Grand Crus selected in 2012. 60% Chardonnay from Grands Crus villages like Avize, Chouilly and Cramant contributes to the freshness, the tonicity and the elegance of the Esprit Couture. Vinification and ageing of the Chardonnay in champenois oak barrels allowed their aromas of brioche to develop fully. 40% Pinot Noir brings structure, softness and tenderness to the wine through iconic Grands Crus such as Aÿ, Mailly- Champagne or Verzy.

This elegant wine is intended for stylish aperitifs, to create a moment of airy relaxation. This cuvée will also easily pair with a meal, especially pan-roasted poultry or pigeon accompanied by caviar.

The cuvée Esprit Couture is aged for a minimum of 7 years in the very heart of the limestone in our centuries-old cellars, in order to bring richness and complexity.


Luminous, fairly fl uid,deep yellow-green color with deep lemon yellow highlights.


The first nose elegantly and distinctly recalls notes of butter, grilled hazelnut, cardamom, lime, verbena. When aerated Champagne reveals notes of apricot, blackcurrant, plum, biscuit, with accents of nougat, pineapple and toasted bread.


The contact on the palate is supple, fresh, fruity, sustained by an acidity reminding lemon. The middle mouth is orchestrated by chalky minerality that provides frankness, saltiness. Fruit and mineral matters are finely stitched and are carried by suppleness with aroma of citrus, exotic fruit. The fi nish is melted and sticks the palate with silky and light cloth.

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